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Saturday, June 25, 2011


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Andie 97

This is such a great technique. Thank you for sharing the energy connections behind this. I love how you are experimenting with this. I do find that the old, repetitive injuries tend to be released in layers. You might also try having them hold the pain with the neurovascular points while doing this to release the emotional pain associated with the old injury.


Lyn, I'm so glad that you mentioned that the leg extensions are an integral part of the release process. In the video it looks like he is just extending the leg to demonstrate the client's new flexibility; I did not pick up that moving the legs is actually part of the protocol. And thank you for tying it in with EEM. Brilliant!


Lyn Milum

Andie, I had the same idea - I have held neurovasculars while doing the head-drop, and the person holds the "memory" area and another point ... get all the hands working. I think there's a lot of opportunity to explore different dimensions of this. I agree, including emotional release points seems really potent.

Kelmie Blake Spires

Lyn, this is SO great! I was just reading through Teresa Giacomini's EM Glossary about the Neck Drop, & thinking that it seemed just like that AK demonstration, & then here is your great article. Awesome. ♥

Jyoti Rawlinson

Lyn, I really like the glitchy computer program analogy. I'm always looking for new ways to describe how energy works in the body. Thanks for a great article.

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