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Monday, June 06, 2011


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Stormy Entenman

This is beautiful:) Truly ...

Rose Mattax

Lyn, your approach is both beautiful and mystical. I want to fly down there right now and get a treatment! :-) Much of what you say reminds me of what reiki does for me in terms of centering, staying present and allowing love to flow wherever it is needed.

I love the image "painting with light." Are you doing this for yourself, or with your client?

Rose Mattax

and I want to say it's an artistic approach, also. An artful, heartful approach!

Lyn Milum

Hi Rose, Thank you. I'm painting with light through the field of the person I'm working with. And really, not just through the meridian lines, but weaving figure 8s with light into an area, inviting up a "vortex revival" of light if that seems needed ... I like to paint with light with a free hand, wherever it seems wanted.

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